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We're the Millers
Smurfs II
Person Of Interest 205
Boardwalk Empire Season II
Arts & Entertainment Network Series "Breakout Kings 209" 
airing  May 3, 2012
CBS series CSI (Episode 1121 showing May 2011)
Warner Brother Film "Arthur" - released April 2011
2010  NBC Series "Chase" features "Officer of the Day"
Martin Scorcese's Blockbuster New Series "Empire Boardwalk"
2010  HBO Series "Empire Boardwalk" features 
"So Long! OO-Long Premier Episode"
2010 HBO Series "Empire Boardwalk" features 
"Tenting Tonight On The Old Campground"
2010 -  ABC Series "The Forgotten" features "Officer Of The Day"
2009 -  Columbia Pictures megahit film "Zombieland" - Woodie Harrelson
2009 -  Paramount / CBS Television "Everybody Hates Chris" Episode 75
2008 -  "Cloverfield" innovative film and cult classic
2007 -  Canadian Indie Documentary on C-PAC "One Incredible Year"
2006 -  CBS Awarding Winning TV Show "Medium" premier episode 
CPAC (Canada's equivalent of the US channel CSPAN) Documentary Film 
"One Incredible Year"
2006 -  CBS Awarding Winning TV Show "Medium" premier episode 

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Nickelodeon, Super Station, BET, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada,
Denmark, Estonia, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, New Zealand, 
Romania, Sweden, United Kingdom

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